Ritholtz's 10 Wednesday Reads: Chemicals, Fanboys and Richard Sherman

Good snowy morning. Here are my weather delayed commuting reading materials.

Good snowy morning. Here are my weather-delayed commuting reading materials:

• Private Investment and the Business Cycle (Calculated Risk), see also Recession's True Cost Is Still Being Tallied (NY Times)
• Decision making under uncertainty (O'Reilly Radar)
• UBS at Davos: 'Technology will save the day' (FT Alphaville), see also Macro problems, micro solutions (PDF) (UBS)
• Managing Risk In A Mature Bull Market (Ciovacco Capital)
• Five big questions about the massive chemical spill in West Virginia (Washington Post), see also How West Virginia became the dumping ground for the nation's energy policy (Salon)
• On Tech Fanboys (The Verge)
• An Evolutionary Theory For Why You Love Glossy Things (FastCo Design)
• Battle of the Box: Your Data on all your devices (stratechery)
• Climate scientist to U.S. Senate: 'Climate change is a clear and present danger' (The Guardian)
• 'To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse ...' (MMQB), see also Richard Sherman Goes Off Script. Internet Nearly Breaks (WSJ)

Hefty Bank Fees From 'Patriotic' Banks Waylay Servicemembers

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