Read Stuff, You Should: Politicians Are People

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links

Happy Birthday to Olivia d'Abo, 45. Careful: she's a Q.

Sure is a lot of good stuff:

1. Seth Masket reports on how public financing affects candidates and elections.

2. While John Sides and Lynn Vavrick look back at Barack Obama's analytics team, the 2012 campaign, and the future of data-based electioneering.

3. Andrew Rudalevige on why presidents (Obama most definitely included) like to keep it vague - and how vagueness is built into the Constitutional presidency thanks to Article II. Important, including the point that the real solution is for Congress to act.

4. Another one from the Monkey Cage series on polarization; this time it's Morris Fiorina and Samuel Abrams on polarization (or not) in the electorate.

5. Politicians are people; Nathan Gonzales with the useful reminder (and why it matters).

6. Julia Ioffe on Ezra Klein, bloggers, and journalists.

7. Brendan Nyhan urges Ezra and Nate Silver to learn from Grantland.

8. And with Ezra leaving the Washington Post, Jonathan Cohn writes about the policy journalism moment. I'm both a huge fan of Ezra and personally indebted to him (among other things, he invited me to guest blog for him once, and he's been a strong supporter of all the political science bloggers); I congratulate him and wish him well in his new endeavor.

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