Davidson on Sports: Caldwell's Moment, Obama Meets Heat

Here's what you missed last night in sports.

Here's what you missed last night in sports:

Just the Beginning
A lawyer representing 1,200 players vowed that many would reject the National Football League's concussion settlement and continue to sue the league. Although that saga has yet to be resolved, the NFL should prepare for another concussion challenge on the horizon.

Brothers in Arms
Reigning Cy Young winners Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer are among 146 Major League Baseball players who filed for salary arbitration.

He's Got Jokes
President Barack Obama welcomed the Miami Heat, the reigning NBA champions, to the White House and even threw a jab at Mario Chalmers.

Yes They Can
Speaking of the president, the hiring of Jim Caldwell as head coach of the Detroit Lions feels like an Obama moment for a team and league that continue to strive for diversity.

The Fix Is In
Think of Grantland's Rembert Brown as the Edward Snowden of "American Ninja Warrior," as he blows the whistle on a conspiracy and coverup relating to the series.

There Goes My Spring
The most important news of 2014 has already been announced just two weeks into the year: MLB is bringing back "RBI Baseball."

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