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Happy Birthday to Carol Cleveland, 72.

And, for a Monday, plenty of good stuff:

1. Very important point about polarization and Congress from Josh Huder: "Congressional tactics are the result of an interactive relationship between the institution itself and electoral competition."

2. While Seth Masket looks at examples of when minorities beat majorities. Very good, although I'd quibble quite a bit with his claim that "The whole idea of a democracy is that the majority is generally supposed to get its way."

3. Lydia DePillis tells the story of the birth of an agency: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

4. Nice profile of Democratic Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn, from Suzy Khimm.

5. I like Anna Clark's story of going without health insurance, and then adding it under the Affordable Care Act. My general sense is that conservative opponents of reform are simply wrong about the basic idea of how much people without insurance -- yes, including young and healthy people - really do want it. Which isn't, mind you, a prediction about what happens with ACA down the road.

6. Dan Larison is of course correct about pro- and anti-war movies ... but how could he have forgotten Kubrick's three antiwar classics?

7. Oh, and speaking of movies: Chris Cillizza passes along the top-rated movie (by imdb) set in every state. For my native Arizona, I can't really argue that "Can't Buy Me Love" is a better movie than "Psycho" ... but nine out of 10 times, I'd rather watch "Lawn Boy."

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