Davidson's Sports Wrap-Up: Gruden's Burden, Harvin's Joy

Here's what you missed last night in sports.

Here's what you missed last night in sports:

No Love Lost
The University of Arizona basketball team remains undefeated after its victory over UCLA. Even before tipoff, strong feelings were bound to be on display for these rivals.

Tall Order
Jay Gruden faces a harsh reality in his new job as head coach of the Washington Redskins -- namely, his owner.

Guess Who
Percy Harvin is active for the second time this season, as if the Seattle Seahawks needed even more of an advantage against the New Orleans Saints in the NFL playoffs this weekend. At the very least, he has the faith of his peers.

Bagwell's Burden
There's no evidence that former Houston Astros great Jeff Bagwell used performance-enhancing drugs -- so why is his candidacy for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame called into question despite his stats stacking up to Frank Thomas?

Terrorist Target
Simply put, the Winter Olympics in Sochi are bad for the security of the entire Russian nation.

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