Ritholtz Chart: JPM’s Big Book of Interactive Fun!

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At the start of each quarter, my inbox is brightened with The Big Book of Charts - or as it is formally known, JP Morgan's interactive "Guide to the Markets." You can download the full PDF here.

It contains about 70 pages of equity, fixed income, economic and asset class charts that are delightful to look at, and thought-provoking as well.

Have a look at any of the interesting charts nearby. I always find stepping back and considering the Big Picture a useful exercise, and this monster slide book gives me plenty to think about.

Source: JPMorgan Chase

I have mentioned this repeatedly on the blog over the years, but kudos to Dr. David P. Kelly and the market strategy team for pulling together such an interesting selection of real-world data, depicted in easy to understand graphic form.

This should keep you occupied for the better part of the afternoon.

Source: JPMorgan Chase

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