Ritholtz's 10 Thursday Reads: High Rollers and Gold Bulls

Barry Ritholtz shares his reading list for the first work day of the new year. What are you reading?

Good morning. Here's my reading list to start off your first day of new year work:

• The Economy's Secret Success in 2013 (Daily Beast); see also High Rollers in a Buying Mood (NY Times)
• Headlines from a Mathematically Literate World (Math With Bad Drawings)
• U.S. Investors Not Sold on Stock Market as Wealth Creator (Gallup); see also The Great (Sort Of) Rotation (Reformed Broker)
• 13 Technical Signs That Preceded Major Tops (All Star Charts)
• Gold Bulls Retrench as Price Drops Most in 32 Years (Bloomberg); see also Gold Caps Biggest Annual Rout Since '81 as Investors Lose Faith (Bloomberg)
• Save like Dave Ramsey ... just don't invest like him (CNN)
• Companies Sell Record $1.111 Trillion of Bonds in 2013 (WSJ)
• Wall Street Lobbyists Got Clobbered in 2013 (New Republic)
• Here's what small business owners want from Washington in 2014 (Washington Post)
• State of the Manual (Jalopnik)

What are you reading?

The Best and Worst Performing Assets of 2013

Source: The Economist

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