Ritholtz's 10 Thursday Reads: Bernanke, Twitter and Indicators Gone Bad

Good morning. Here’s my reading for the morning commute.

Good morning. Here's my reading for the morning commute:

• This is how history should judge Ben Bernanke (Washington Post), see also Farewell QE, you have been a magnificent success (Telegraph)

• Fees, and fees, and fees (Research Puzzle Pix)

• When a Good Indicator Goes Bad (Morningstar), but see CAPE Fear (Mebane Faber)

• Chart folly: When You See This, Be Careful (Adam H Grimes)

• Can You Get Investment Knowledge from Twitter? (Reformed Broker)

• Don't Look Now, but the Muni Industry Is Changing (MuniNet Guide)

• What's the best way to evaluate a financial adviser? It may not be the way you think. (WSJ)

• Big Banks and the Failure of Bankruptcy (Economix)

• Panama Canal Expansion Study: Phase I Report (Transportation Research Board)

• The 20 Most Impressive People Of 2013 (Business Insider)

What are you reading?

Fed Dials Back Bond Buying, Keeps a Wary Eye on Growth


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