10 Tuesday Reads: Permabears and Helicopter Drops

Good snowy NY morning. My commute is a mess, trains are running way ate. Here is what I’m reading while the LIRR figures out that it snows in the winter.

Good snowy New York morning. My commute is a mess, trains are running way late. Here is what I'm reading while the Long Island Railroad figures out that it snows in the winter:

• Sundown at the Permabear Alamo (Reformed Broker) see also PermaBear to English Translation Guide (TBP)

• Technological Miracles Will Keep Generating Profits and Jobs (Crossing Wall Street)

• Bond Vigilantes Christmas Quiz 2014 (Bond Vigilantes) see also Unperturbed by Government Shutdown, China Buys More Treasury Debt (WSJ)

• No, Economics Is Not a Science (The Harvard Crimson)

• The Fed might taper bond buying this week. Here's everything you need to know. (Washington Post) see also Fed's $4 Trillion Assets Draw Lawmaker Ire Amid Bubble Concern (Bloomberg)

• The Financial Crisis: Why Have No High-Level Executives Been Prosecuted? (New York Review of Books)

• Planning your year-end charitable giving (Fidelity)

• A Radical Pope's First Year (New Yorker)\

• Shameless Carriers (Monday Note)

• The science behind stuffing your face at Christmas (Guardian)

What are you reading?

The Wrong Debate: Helicopter Drops vs. Quantitative Easing

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