Barry Ritholtz's Weekend Reads: Big Hair and Your Own Vineyard

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My longer-form weekend reading:

• Our favorite charts of 2013 (Quartz)

• The rise of BlackRock (Economist) see also The monolith and the markets (Economist)

• Of markets and mayhem (Fortune)

• The Forgotten Lessons of 2008 (Farnam Street)

• The Nastiest Injury in Sports (Grantland)

• Big Hair on Campus: Did Donald Trump Defraud Thousands of Real-Estate Students? (Vanity Fair)

• The Art of Dying (Lapham’s Quarterly)

• Google Glass: What You’re Not Supposed to Do (Esquire)

• Vineyard owning for beginners (WSJ)

• 2013: The Year in Volcanic Activity (The Atlantic)

Whats up for the weekend?

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