10 Tuesday Reads: Mean Taleb and Bad Predictions

My Tuesday morning roundup:

My Tuesday morning roundup:

• Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Stock Market But Were Too Afraid To Ask (BuzzFeed)

• Damn you, Mr. Sharpe (Barnejek)

• No, neither of these charts should scare anybody:

  1. Spooky Shades of 1987 (WSJ)
  2. The chart that's scaring Wall Street (MarketWatch)

• Economics as the study of abundance (Pieria)

• "Why Bother?" Will investors take the wrong lessons from 2013? (Reformed Broker) see also Byron Wien Explains This Stock Market (Barron's)

• Smarts In Business Is Not About IQ (Forbes)

• 10 Worst Economic Predictions Ever (Zero Hedge) see also The 12 Meanest Things Nassim Taleb Has Said About Economists (Business Insider)

• A Fed Dissident on Policy and Transparency (Economix)

• 45 Years Ago, Doug Engelbart Gave the Most Important Tech Demo Ever (Gizmodo)

• My Previous Holiday Gift Giving Guides (TBP)

What are you reading?

Gauge of Stock Value Is Tricky to Apply Overseas

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