10 Friday Reads: Bubble Hunters and Military Lingo

My end-of-week reading materials.

My end-of-week reading materials:

• Where should you put your money now? (CNN)

• Everything Is Amazing and Nobody Is Happy (Motley Fool), see also What a 241 year-old Dutch credit crisis tells us about market optimism (Quartz)

• Shiller/Gundlach: Two Bubble Hunters Size Up the World (Barron's)

• Renminbi trade finance: less than meets the eye (FT.com), see also Euro displays uncommon strength (WSJ)

• Unemployment Won't Hit 6.5% Until 2015, Fed Research Suggests (WSJ)

• On the World's Roads, More American Wheels (NY Times), see also Would You Rather Have Brazil's Economic Problems or America's? (Harvard Business Review)

• 401(k)s tweak fees for investors. You may soon be paying more -- or less. (WSJ)

• Long-term unemployment is still at its highest levels since World War II (Wonkblog), see also No, a $15-Hour Fast Food Wage Isn't Crazy (Daily Beast)

• Sentient code: An inside look at Stephen Wolfram's utterly new, insanely ambitious computational paradigm (Venture Beat)

• U.S. Military Lingo: The (Almost) Definitive Guide (NPR)

What are you reading?

U.S. Oil Prices Fall Sharply as Glut Forms on Gulf Coast


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