10 Tuesday Reads: MF Global's Missing Millions

Good Tuesday morning:

• Alan Greenspan: Why I Never Saw It Coming (Foreign Affairs)

• Benefits of Studying Insiders' Trading Patterns (WSJ)

• 4 Reasons Japan Could Continue to be the Land of the Rising Stock Market (BlackRock)

• The Bond Bubble (Dr. Ed's Blog) but see Is That Really a Reason To Be Bearish? (Macro Man)

• How MF Global's 'missing' $1.5 billion was lost -- and found (Fortune)

• Bloomberg headline of the day: Gold No Slam-Dunk Sell in China as Aunties Buy Bullion (Bloomberg)

• Obama's First-Term Finance Team: Where Are They Now? (DealBook)

• Apple's ground-breaking bet on its clean energy infrastructure (Giga Om)

• Quantum mechanics made relatively simple (Kottke)

• The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2014 (Daily Dekk)

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S&P 1500 AD Line Confirms Rising Stock Prices

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