10 Monday Reads: Chanos, Ballmer and Ive

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Good Monday morning! Some reads to start off your workweek:

• Who's Right on the Stock Market? (NY Times)

• Investors Weigh End Game in Bond Rally (WSJ), see also Bond strategies for today's markets (Fidelity)

• Small no longer looks quite so beautiful (FT)

• Biggest 2013 ETF Launches Tell New Tales (Index Universe)

• Jim Chanos on Taking Risks Early (Reformed Broker), see also 22 Brilliant Quotes From Legendary Short-Seller Jim Chanos (Business Insider)

• Japan Inc. Profits Double as Cost-Cutting CEOs Pace Recovery (Bloomberg)

• Health-care smartphone apps that show heart rhythms, X-rays and who isn't washing his or her hands (WSJ), see also How to prevent the biggest kind of mistake doctors make: incorrect diagnoses (WSJ)

• In a series of exclusive interviews, Microsoft's chief executive officer explained how he came to believe he wasn't the best person to remake the company. (WSJ)

• Apple & Samsung take massive 109% of mobile industry profits while competitors lose money (Apple Insider), see also Apple's Jony Ive and Designer Marc Newson on Their Shared "Level of Perfection" (Vanity Fair)

• History Comes to Life With Tweets From Past (NY Times)

What are you reading?

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