10 Friday Reads: Google Goes Solar

Wow, its Friday already? This week went by quickly! Here are your pre-weekend reads:

Wow, its Friday already? This week went by quickly! Here are your pre-weekend reads:

• Why Inflation Matters (Fidelity) see also No Inflation in the Developed World Despite QE (Pragmatic Capitalism)

• The Yellen Doctrine: Robust Growth Is the Priority, but Bubbles Matter (New Yorker)

• Is Europe Making a Comeback? (BlackRock) see also Why Draghi was right to cut rates (FT)

• Ireland closes chapter in euro crisis with plan to end its bailout program (Washington Post)

• Why Google and KKR are teaming up to do big solar deals (Quartz) see also Bonds Backed by Solar Power Payments Get Nod (NY Times)

• Sweet spot for stock sales: Executives give favorable stock guidance, sell shares, then disclose bad news. (WSJ)

• Business Insider Passes CNBC in Key Traffic Measure (24/7 Wall St.) see this example why Here's Everything We Know About the Leak of the Century (Business Insider)

• The Invention of Leisure (Epicurean Dealmaker)

• Viral Journalism and the Valley of Ambiguity (io9)

• Learning from Jeff Bezos (Seeking Wisdom)

What's up for the weekend?

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