10 Tuesday Reads: A Global Bubble?

Some interesting reads to start off your day.

Some interesting reads to start off your day:

• Are We in Global Bubble Territory? Not Yet (BlackRock) see also Are We in a Bubble? (Crossing Wall Street)

• Hedge funds are muscling into munis: 'They can smell the blood and the fear' (WSJ)

• Swedroe: Questioning Emerging Markets (Index Universe) see also Capital Group questions how indices are used (FT)

• Technical hand wringing du jour (FT Alphaville)

• Seeking to Toughen the Rules for Brokers (NY Times)

• Confessions of a Quantitative Easer (WSJ)

• Congress Is Starving the Agency That's Supposed to Prevent Another Meltdown (New Republic)

• Major U.S. Cities Still Not Recovered From Crisis (Real Time Economics)

• A Technological Optimist, but Just (strat?chery) but see Tweeting Isn't a Bubble, It's a Bandwagon (Atlantic)

• W(h)ither the American way (Buttonwood Tree)

What are you reading?

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