10 Thursday Reads: The Return of Cash

My Morning Reads:

• Individual investor bullishness hits six year high (Pragmatic Capitalism) see also The return of cash sparks big stock rallies in the developing world (WSJ)

• Byron Wien's Asset Allocation Plan (Barron's)

• Fear is killing your investments (MarketWatch) see also Ignorance (Stumbling and Mumbling)

• The Language of Inflation (Edelweiss)

• Twitter's Market Valuation Suggests Wall St. Sees Huge Growth Potential (DealBook) see also Facebook Misadventure Means Scrutiny on NYSE With Twitter (Bloomberg)

• Cash buyers of property outstrip mortgage-backed sales (Quick Move Now)

• Eisinger: Simple Fix to Debate Over Government's Role in Housing (DealBook)

• Nazi Art Trove Surprises Family Searching for 70 Years (Bloomberg)

• B.J. Novak: "The Man Who Invented the Calendar" (New Yorker)

• Apple's Inspiration For The iPod? Bang & Olufsen, Not Braun (Fast Company)

What are you reading?


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