10 Midweek Reads: Shiller Stock Scare

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Good Twitter IPO morning:

• Going public: How Twitter's IPO will work (AP) see also The Single Biggest Determinant of Startup Valuations at IPO (Tunguz)

• You're Not Listening to Robert Shiller if His CAPE Ratio Has You Scared of Stocks (Business Insider)

• Lifestyle ETFs and investment products based on belief systems (Reformed Broker) see also Ex-Hedgie Now on Index Crusade (Index Universe)

• INVESTING FAIL: Gold Bug Schiff Counters Goldman on First Drop Since 2000 (Bloomberg)

• The FHFA is pushing ahead with a plan to ban fees on "force-placed" insurance. (WSJ) see also

• The Numbers Guy: Public cost of fast-food industry's low pay remains unclear (WSJ)

• Distressed Home Sales: Rising or Falling? It Depends on the Source (WSJ)

• How Washington Is Wrecking the Future, in 2 Charts (Atlantic) see also Where's the GOP's anti-poverty agenda? (Washington Post)

• The antibiotic era is over. And we are cutting health research funding? (Incidental Economist)

• Far-Off Planets Like the Earth Dot the Galaxy (NY Times)

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