Meet Preet, Broken Bitcoin: 10 Tuesday Reads

Its guilty-plea Tuesday, and that means time for some reads:

Its guilty-plea Tuesday, and that means time for some reads:

• Meet Preet Bharara, who just won the biggest insider trading case ever (Washington Post) but see Has Steven A. Cohen Bought Off the U.S. Government? (New Yorker)

• Hatzius: Two Fed Economists Have Given Us a Big Hint About What the Fed's Next Easing Move Will Be (Business Insider)

• You really can time the stock market (MarketWatch) but see Dismiss Diversification at Your Own Risk (Bucks blog)

• How do we fix LIBOR? (Math Babe)

• Bitcoin Is Broken (Hacking, Distributed)

• In Alabama election, a showdown between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party (Washington Post) see also Three Big Elections Will Tell Us About the Future of the GOP (Business Insider)

• An Article Has a Lifespan of 37 Days, and Other Findings From Pocket (Fast Company)

• Bezos' Amazon: Mercenary or missionary, or both? (USA Today)

• NASA Kepler Results Usher in a New Era of Astronomy (NASA)

• 25 Of The Funniest Women You Should Be Following on Twitter (Thought Catalog)

What are you reading?

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