Bo Gets Life, Now Lives for Revenge

September 22 (Bloomberg) -- On Sunday morning, at the conclusion of Bo Xilai’s sentencing in Jinan, China, the court - - which had been tweeting the proceedings to Sina Weibo, China’s leading microblogging platform -- tweeted one last photo without comment. In it Bo, newly sentenced to life in prison for abuse of power, bribery and embezzlement, stands with his wrists extended outward, displaying the handcuffs that bind them. Posing on either side of him are two towering bailiffs with their white-gloved hands placed awkwardly but precisely on his shoulders and just above those wrists. They, in turn, are flanked by two smaller cops who look as if they’d prefer to be anywhere but Jinan. It’s a clumsy but unmistakable tableau of control, and it soon was picked up by media outlets across China.

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