King Won't Forget Republican Foot-Dragging on Sandy Aid Â

Don't take me for granted: New York Republican Congressman Peter King says his party's opposition to federal assistance for victims of Hurricane Sandy "has changed my relationship with the party."

"I won't look at them the same," he said at a Bloomberg Government breakfast in Washington, D.C., this morning.

The vast majority of House Republicans first delayed then voted against assistance for those affected by the October hurricane in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. A $60.2 billion aid package cleared Congress in January.

King, one of only a half-dozen Republican lawmakers from New York, complains the resistance to helping victims of a major disaster was unprecedented.

Of his party colleagues, he said, it makes it "hard for me to trust them again." Some fellow Republicans should know that "loyalty goes both ways" when they ask for his vote.

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has bucked the party before. He has a close relationship with former President Bill Clinton and was one of only a handful of Republicans in 1998 to vote against impeaching the president.

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