Will Gun Bracelets Be the New Livestrong?

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By Kirsten Salyer

Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker has an answer to the gun problem in the U.S.: bracelets.

Booker has put his support behind the jewelry line "The Caliber Collection," which features bracelets made from the metal of guns and bullet casings seized by the Newark Police Department. He promoted the line on the Rachel Maddow show Wednesday night, calling the program an effort to turn a weapon into "an instrument of peace."

The collection, which is part of Jewelry for a Cause, has raised $20,000 for the police department. These proceeds are used to finance more gun buybacks in the city.

The bracelets feature the serial number from the recovered weapon and "NEWARK" written on the inside. Prices range from $150 for a basic steel cuff to $375 for a brass bangle with a diamond.

If you're looking to ditch your yellow silicone-gel Livestrong wristband in light of Lance Armstrong's doping admission, Booker's offering a social- statement alternative. And it's more practical than some other options. You could turn your swords into ploughshares, for instance, but what would you plow in Newark?

(Kirsten Salyer is the social media editor for Bloomberg View. Follow her on Twitter.)

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