When Is National Take-Your-Gun-to-Work Day?

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By Jonathan Weil

Republican legislatures in Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and Pennsylvania plan to consider letting employees bring guns to work and keep the weapons hidden in their cars in employee parking areas. The proposal pits the National Rifle Association against employers such as Memphis-based FedEx Corp.

One paragraph from today's Bloomberg News story about these proposals is particularly striking. I have never seen such an argument before: "The law’s proponents say the measures are needed to protect employees during their commutes," it reads. "They say that employers who ban guns on their property are preventing workers from possessing their weapons when they commute, leaving them vulnerable to attack."

I suppose the ability of drivers to use their cars as weapons and run over the people attacking them must not be enough protection. Or maybe it's just too dangerous to try. Perhaps next we can teach teenagers how to properly fire a semi-automatic while dodging traffic as part of the standard curriculum for driver's ed.

Just please let's not encourage carrying these things on the New York City subways.

(Jonathan Weil is a Bloomberg View columnist. Follow him on Twitter.)

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