The Republican 'War on Women' Is Over. Women Lost.

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By Margaret Carlson

Remember the "war on women"? Republicans expected to win that, along with the election.

But losing doesn’t mean having to say they're sorry for letting an employer opt out of insurance coverage for birth control, or letting any doctor in Virginia opt in for vaginal probes. Nor does it mean inviting women into the room when the door closes on Capitol Hill.

Instead, Republican bosses continued the war by other means, initially failing to choose one woman to run a House committee in the new 113th Congress, as this helpful photo illustrates. The 19 male leaders presented such a rogue's gallery of 1950s-era white male power, the image could have been a promo shot for "Mad Men."

Maybe Republicans didn't see anything wrong with that, but it was news enough for Brian Williams to throw it on screen last week on "NBC Nightly News," where it spoke for itself. "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart presented it as proof there would be little effort to reach out to women beyond "a free pedicure during every mandatory ultrasound."

Who says Speaker John Boehner is too old and orange to change? Very quickly he found a job for a woman, last week appointing Representative Candice Miller of Michigan to run the House Administration Committee. Yes, it sounds exactly like what it is: The committee's purpose, as Boehner said, is "ensuring the House runs efficiently and smoothly." We don't know if Miller will be seeing to the coffee.

It isn't much of a committee assignment. But you can bet they won't sit for a group photo without her.

(Margaret Carlson is a Bloomberg View columnist. Follow her on Twitter.)

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