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By Kirsten Salyer

How much is a typo worth? In the domain-name online real estate market, at least $280 per letter. In politics, the price is measured more in embarrassment and news-cycle opportunity costs.

As of Tuesday afternoon, accidentally typing (instead of into your browser redirects you to Mitt Romney’s official “About” page, the Daily Dot reports today. The domain name is up for auction starting at $280.

The .co domain used to be the online country code for Colombia, but since it became available to the public in June 2010, it’s become a popular alternative to the .com domain. It’s also the latest online space reminding politicians to claim their online presences, or pay the price.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan should take note. currently redirects to online retailer Go to, and you'll find a "for sale" ad. takes you to a site critical of Romney with an offer to sell the domain name.

Newt Gingrich learned the lesson the hard way last December when Democratic group American Bridge 21st Century posted a Craigslist ad offering to sell The domain name continues to redirect to sites critical of the former House speaker.

Texas Governor Rick Perry also got burned by domain-name games in the primaries. used to redirect to Ron Paul’s official campaign site. Now, it goes to an ad to buy the domain name.

President Barack Obama seems to have escaped domain-name attack so far. The mistyped domain names and are already taken, according to GoDaddy, a website that sells domain names, and don’t lead anywhere.

But if a domain name is still on the market, it may be fair game to anyone willing to make a joke or turn a profit. After reading about the Someecards typo redirect, a friend of mine quickly bought I’m sure he’d be willing to sell it to the Romney campaign -- for a price.

(Kirsten Salyer is the social media editor for Bloomberg View. Follow her on Twitter.)

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