Republicans, Choose Your Enemy: Taxes or John Roberts

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By Josh Barro

Mitt Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said that his boss views Obamacare’s individual mandate as a penalty, not a tax. This has the Washington Examiner’s Conn Carroll up in arms. Romney is off-message if he says the mandate is not a tax!

This directly contradicts the message of every Republican that will be running down ballot from Romney this fall. This is not a minor problem.

Wait a minute. Let’s say Romney does what many congressional Republicans have done with enthusiasm, and declares that the mandate is a tax. Isn’t that an endorsement of John Roberts’s hated opinion that upheld Obamacare on the grounds that the mandate is a tax?

I think the mandate is a tax and that Romney is wrong (and so is Obama, on the days when he insists the mandate isn’t a tax.) But then, I think the individual mandate is constitutional. If Republicans have a message coordination problem, it’s not on Romney’s end. It’s with Republicans who are accidentally endorsing the logic behind the judicial opinion they hate.

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