Ed Rollins’s Brutal Honesty About His Fellow Republicans

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By Margaret Carlson

Ed Rollins has seen everything and done most of it. He directed the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1984, helped manage the Perot campaign in 1992 and most recently advised Michele Bachmann. Name the state and he can tell you how many media markets it has.

He has a remarkably clear view of the Republican Party and says what he thinks without asking that it be attributed to “a Republican political consultant." Thanks, Ed. Here are a few of his observations from his visit to the Bloomberg View offices on Wednesday:

On Mitt Romney after Super Tuesday: He shouldn't be having a press conference doing the math showing how he's got the nomination wrapped up. If he’s arrogant, saying in effect, "Let me show you how no one else can win," he's not going to win.

On Romney's business background: Polls show Americans want a businessman in the White House. But what kind of businessman was Romney? He managed  a few hundred people at Bain and made money for his investors.

On possible Republican vice presidential candidates: Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Governors Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania.

On the Republican presidential debates: There were too many. They were a traveling show -- candidates could participate for the cost of a plane ticket to the venue.

On the ugliness of the Republican primaries: Campaigns used to drop the nasty stuff in the mailbox -- he’s a liar, he’s a drunk, he’s got a woman on the side. Not anymore -- now super-PACs put it on TV and the Web for everyone to see.

On the possibility of a brokered Republican convention: There won’t be one, because there is no broker.

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