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By Rick Moranis

When a city’s lingua franca is linfected with linvention,
It might be time for punsters to linvite a lintervention.

In Gardens where lines are painted and liniments have no limits,
And Spike Leen’s often inbound taunting visitors with gimmicks,

A team that lin extremis and linestimably bad,
Corporate boxes left unwrapped and empty floor seats to be had,

Even Knicks linherit missing links and linertia once disabled,
Can lingratiate linfamously lintractable deals in Cable.

So as Taipei personalities now linflate the price of seats,
I linvested in a laptop to stream this Linchpin’s feats.

But last Tuesday, linconsolable, lincognito I snuck in,
To Westminster’s annual canine fest disguised as Lin Tin Tin.

I lingered long past Best goodbyes, and found a linterim space,
To somehow stay linconspicuous while security linspected the place.

Sustaining my lincursion through a lincalculably lonely night,
My lincentives again lincurable in game day’s lincendiary delight.

Linsatiably, I watched, as this lintrepid from the Ivy,
Made the thunder in the building lincomparably come alivy.

But lintuitively I’ll stay linfatuated. Who knows where life is fated?
Not every Dolan knows what cardinal is. Let’s see if this guy’s traded!

(Rick Moranis is a writer and actor who lives in New York City. The opinions expressed are his own.)

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