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By Jonathan Weil

Enough with the Linsanity. Time for some new Linguistics.

The global mania over New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has reached such dizzying heights, we need a new Lingua franca to capture it. Already two people have filed trademark applications in the U.S. for the term "Linsanity" in hopes of profiting off his image. (Parasites!) There's even a LINdex to quantify his performance.

Clearly the Knicks' Linebriated fans will need some new words if this fellow's going to make a long-term career of his gig as a hoops superstar. Let's start with some easy ones, on the heels of the Harvard graduate's Lincredible, Linspirational performance (career-high 13 assists) last night to help the Knicks win their seventh straight game. The outmatched Sacramento Kings were Linferior, while our hero was so on fire, he was, yes, a towering Linferno. Heaven forbid he ever gets traded to the Pacers ... the Lindiana Pacers, that is.

The public, of course, soon will want to know details about Lin's personal life. So here are a few. Favorite president: Lincoln. Favorite oil: Linseed. Favorite Ronstadt: Linda.

Sure, there will be some down days ahead. Inevitably a time will come when reporters complain he's Linaccessible, when he ducks out of the locker room without taking their Linane questions. Yet for now, the possibilities are -- limitless (there, I finally resisted the temptation). Who knows? Maybe one day he'll become president. We shall call that day Linauguration Day (sorry, relapse).

The Webster's New World dictionary on my desk contains 34 pages of words that start with "in." To Linfinity and beyond!

(Jonathan Weil is a Bloomberg View columnist. Follow him on Twitter.)

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