U.S. Can Gain by Engaging New North Korean Hermit-in-Chief: View

With the death of Kim Jong

Rumor has it that Kim Jong Un likes American basketball and expensive sneakers. He may be 28, or he

Kim Jong Il’s death is likely to cause the North Korean regime to close ranks and focus on cementing his son’s succession. Although there is always the chance

Forward-Looking Diplomacy

Yet that’s no reason for the U.S. not to remain forward-leaning in its engagement with North Korea.

Yes, the North Koreans might, in this sensitive period, resist the monitoring regime that was to

And as to goodwill, the U.S. can surely come up

Of course, every positive gesture to the North runs the risk of alienating South Korea. Ensuring that this

Keeping Things Calm

The U.S. must persuade the South that the more the outside world can engage constructively with North

Broader contacts, whether through talks between the U.S. and North Korean militaries on repatriating the remains of U.S. soldiers, limited foreign investment in special export zones like the Kaesong Industrial

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