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By Tobin Harshaw

How can we get America back to work? We've tried stimulus, tried tax cuts, tried boosting exports, tried readying our shovels -- but last month's zero-net-job-growth showed the depth of our employment woes.

President Obama will share his latest ideas with a joint session of Congress, and anyone not watching the NFL pregame, on Thursday night. The Bloomberg View editors and columnists have been issuing sage advice, detailed prescriptions and, well, a few eccentric thoughts during our first three months.

Now, readers, it's your turn. We invite you to share your ideas or raise questions in the comments section below -- both before and after the presidential address. My colleague George Anders and I will respond to them in the View's very first Twitter live chat, at 10:30 a.m. EST on Friday Sept. 9. Follow the action @bloombergview, and we also encourage you to Tweet questions and suggestions during the event. You can also follow us individually @GeorgeAnders and @tobinharshaw.

Want to get up to speed? Here is a brief rundown of some things we've suggested so far:

-- To forget the cheap-money gambit

-- To give hard workers some debt relief

-- To listen to Alan Krueger, the new head of the Council of Economic Advisers

-- To ban the box

-- To learn from Minnesota and Georgia about helping the long-term unemployed

-- To give entrepreneurs a leg up

-- To ditch the Davis-Bacon act

-- To create a National Infrastructure Bank

-- To shorten federal unemployment benefits

-- To cut back on corporate welfare

-- To frack

-- To stop looking for the Fed to come to the rescue

-- To pass trade pacts, but insist on concurrent job training

And of course, our columnists have had an opinion or two on the matter.

-- Alice Shroeder cautioned over the rise of the temporary workforce

-- Ezra Klein first called for infrastucture spending,  but then decided that the best advice was no advice

-- Ramesh Ponnuru blamed high corporate taxes

-- Jonathan Alter called for converting unemployment insurance payments into vouchers that can be used by companies to hire workers.

-- Ron Klain called for casting a wide net, and said that Obama should add a "moral element" to his wonkishness

-- Virginia Postrel noted that public-works spending is hardly a panacea

-- And Caroline Baum asked, bluntly, "Since when is it government’s job to create jobs?"

(Tobin Harshaw is a member of the Bloomberg View editorial board.)

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