Will Peru’s Humala Be the Next Chavez or the Next Lula?: View

We now know that Ollanta

Since the June 5 election, Humala’s team has tried

The uncertainty is not confined to markets. Ask Peruvians how their country did during the last decade

Those of European or mixed ancestry living in the capital of Lima and the comparatively wealthy coastal

But Peruvians in the Andean highlands and urban

The Chavez Path

Humala has said that Peru’s mineral wealth -- in copper, silver, zinc and gold -- should become an

Peruvians, and the world, will get the first clues

Another indication will be whether the new

These decisions, more than any rhetoric, will tell Peruvians, and Peru’s hemispheric neighbors, what to

Washington’s message can be straightforward. To the extent that Humala stays on the democratic course and chooses not to emulate Chavez’s strong-arm actions,

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