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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Burke, chairman & CEO at Robert Burke Associates, and Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick preview fashion week and examine technology’s role in the fashion industry on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Business 20 plus years.

He was invested in by a very smart group of people.

-- michael kors has been in the business 20 plus years.

He has surrounded himself with a great team of people.

Very strategic about how they built the business.

Kind of a perfect storm with project onerunway getting the name out there.

They had a strong accessory business and ready to wear business and was underdeveloped from freestanding stores.

They have had tremendous success.

What you are seeing now is they are opening retail stores in the u.s., brazil, and they have a long road ahead.

You know what is interesting, if you want to be a billionaire these days, you either go into tech, property, or fashion.

Those are the three industries where they are minting billionaires by the dozen.

Why fashion?

What is it about the business that is creating so many of the billionaires?

I think we're focusing on the really successful ones obviously.

What has happened is it has become a global business.

Before it used to be a business based in the u.s. or europe.

Today you have the influence --i was in kazakhstan last week and there are plan on live streaming the new york fashion show to the customers and saks fifth avenue stores.

Today you do not just draw from a few countries, you draw globally.

The strength of fashion is enormous.

New york has two fashion weeks per year.

As some point it gets to be too much, doesn't it?

There are a lot we do not talk about, berlin, i'll stroll you.

-- australia.

Are they as influential as they once were given at the speed at which social media myths and the speed at which people expect change?

They are as important if not more important than ever.

If you look at history, it was always an industry event.

You had a small group of editors and writers, and now today it is a consumer event.

Explained the split of stuff that is outrageous.

I think of alexander mcqueen as an example, versus i need to wear it to work on wednesday.

Tory burch.

People making the money.

Scarlet, i can see you in this.

These shows armor getting.

In a lot of ways, that is not what you are going to wear on wednesday.

But they send a message.

Each brand has a particular reason of why they show what they show.

It is a global platform.

Why not a dedicated men's fashion week?

We are surrounded by metrosexuals.

They wear makeup.

By a lot of close.

Why not cater to this segment?

-- buy a lot of clothes.

It is a good question that continues to get looked at.

For the most part, it is not the kind of venue to promote men's fashion.

It is never really -- when he think of the big names like ralph lauren who has done a few presentations and a few runway shows but very -- product placement on tom's show.

In my world in david's world, forget about the fancy fashion stuff, it is a black t-shirt.

Men's fashion -- black turtleneck.

Can i ask robert a question?

Angela ahrens of forburberry went to apple, does that make it more fashionable?

I think it makes perfect sense.

What she did was make it more relevant through social media, online, a huge investment in their online sales.

So she really connect and the online world to a brand.

I think apple has not really been so social.

Apple has not been so social.

She really gets it.

Maybe that is a way she can help apple in a way that has not been discussed as much.

Outside of apple, she really refreshed the burberry line.

It was for older women.

She came in and helped make the brand younger, right?

Isn't that part of what she did?

Younger and elevated it and made it more accessible.

It grew an enormous amount during her tenure.

Is apple going to get more fashionable?

It is already pretty fashionable.

Apple is a prestige brand and fashion brand.

I love that thinking.

We talk about wearable technology.

Some of the technology out there makes you look cool.

I look around the newsroom and everyone is wearing -- like google glass.

It is a fashion statement, some of the technology coming out.

It is.

Apple is a sexy product.

The iphone and ipad.

I think it relates to fashion.

I am sending a movie out right now.

This is tom's. it is my fashion movie that just went out.

I have robert burke with the dogpatch filter.

Worked out perfect.

He will tweet that out.

Seriously, so far from meryl streep and " devil wears prada." thank you.

We want to bring your attention to the new cover of " businessweek." this is bloomberg

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