Xi’s Paris Visit Results in Deals Worth 18B Euros

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March 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s David Tweed reports on the outcome of the France-China economic forum where France’s Francois Hollande and China’s Xi Jinping agreed to deals between the two countries worth about 18B Euros. He speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's bring in david tweed with more.

France really rolling out to red carpet then for their chinese vitor?

They really are.

They are turning it on and doing it with a purpose.

Something that the french foreign office is calling economic diplomacy.

It is really a story about going for growth.

You're not going to hear mr.

Hollande talking too much about human rights or china's transgression in the south china see.

This is all about business.

Let me just give you an example of how committed hollande is.

The first 18 months when he was in office, 33 trips by government missions to asia.

Not just china, but all over asia.

That compares with only 13 trips in the two proceeding years, the last years of nicolas sarkozy's regime.

It is paying off in spades.

They got $-- 8.5 billion euros worth of deals.

They got the deal to recycle nuclear fuel.

We have the peugeot deal which has been signed off on.

So a lot of business has been taking place but there has been a lot of homework to get this business done.

David, it is not all about china.

France is looking to do business all over asia of course.

You know, you could really call what's happening under francois hollande a pivot to asia.

It is not just france.

They are extremely aware there is a lot of other business to be done in asia.

France has trade surpluses are singapore, asia, australia.

With the deal just announced today with japan, a.n. sambings going therewith split a 16.6 billion order with boeing.

This is the first time a.n.a. actually bought airbus planes.

That is very significant given the fact that japan airlines just last year also ordered airbus planes for the very first time.

This is significant payoff when you're talking about france's economic diplomacy.

A big success.

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