Xi, Park Urge Resuming Talks Over North Korea Nukes

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July 4 (Bloomberg) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping and his South Korean counterpart Park Geun Hye said they won’t tolerate the development of nuclear arms on the Korean peninsula and called for a revival of disarmament talks with North Korea. Stephen Engle reports on "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)

Jinping talking about continuing disarmament talks.

Xi and park, friends.

What are they discussing?

It's an interesting dynamic going on between south korea and china.

He is there at the summit.

Because, of course, south korea has increased economic dependence on china.

They have a security dependence on the united states.

Then they have this mutual enemy, if you will, in japan.

Then there is north korea, the enemy of south korea, the friend of china.

The friend of your enemy is your friend -- that's what going on here.

They put out a communique about north korea.

South korea wants the do nuclear is a in the but china's statement was more about the denuclearization --tough word this morning --of the entire korean peninsula which would include any strategic warheads the u.s. might have.

It's very complicated.

The communique was similar but they were slightly different calling on six party talks to restart as soon as possible.

North and south korea, china, the united states, russia, and japan.

They have not had those in the past four years.

2008 was the last time.

There has not been any progress since.

There is a calling for the talks to start again.

Again, no specifics on how they will get the parties back to the table especially when kim jong-un is a rattling some savers with the missile tests.

Just like dad.

What else is on the table?

These are the easier topics to discuss.

The political stuff with north korea is sensitive as well as the sea boundary issues.

They say they will start a dialogue by next year, 2015, and that is a contentious point as well.

When china declared its air defense zone, it overlapped.

If you looked at the map, you could see japan has these claims so there are mutual claims to the areas in the east china sea.

That has been tabled to discuss until 25th team but what they have discussed is they set up a phone line between the defense department.

Is it red?

One of those red phones, the direct line?

One of those big rotary dials.

They're also going to start

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