Xi, Hollande Meet to Strengthen China, France Trade

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Greg Viscusi previews today’s meeting between French President Francoise Hollande and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


Greg, a handful of commercial deals are set to be signed today.

This visit is all about celebrating the 50th anniversary of official ties between france an -- china accounts for -- the french export only 1/3 as much as the germans do to china and italy looks like they are going to catch up with french exports too.

Big, big issue.

There are several deals that should be signed.


Cooperation on nuclear energy.

And there is also -- will be the formal signing of the agreement between -- borders in peugeot.

I would warn you that none of the trade deals are going to be out there.

They save up deals that were in the pipeline.

Most of the trade deals have been very well telegraphed.

Is there any sense, greg that the french feel like they have to play catch up.

The germans and the chinese, very strong relationships.

The brits are trying to muscle in on that now.

What can the french do to break it up?


The french exports only 1/3 the size of german exports.

They would like to see it rise.

No question.

There is probably going to be a deal on helicopters.

The french trying capture some of that value.

They will be talking about that here, for instance, about a million chinese tour estes each year.

They have a plan to raise that to 5 million.


There are tens of thousands of chinese students that come to france.

The french would like to see that increase more.

Nuclear and aeronautics and the food industry.

This may not be just exports to

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