Worried U.S. Is Doing Too Little Globally: Haass

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Haass, president at Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the global view of the United States in light of the dysfunction surrounding the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Feverishly this wednesday morning to kick the american can down the road.

Our guest host has thought a lot about this.

Richard haas's president in the council of foreign relations, the director of policy planning in his book, foreign policy begins at home.

How upset are foreign governments with what they see in washington?

It is hard to exaggerate how upset they are.

They are totally dependent on the united states, they have no influence over it, there is a sense of older ability.

No one likes to be in a position where they are dependent and have no influence and that is exactly where they are.

This morning they wrote that beijing should cut back lending to washington.

Do we risk bond buying by foreign governments?

Sure, over time.

There are not a lot of alternatives for them right now, but rates will get beaten out i the foreign competitors.

China put out a strong editorial this week, let's read from it.

They say that these politicians are still shuffling fourth -- back-and-forth, attempting to bring normality to the body politic.

Is this inevitable?

Could it be in our interest gekko whacks it would not be in our interest or in china's interest.

One of the things i tweeted -- how do you say be careful what you wish for in mandarin?

Should we rip up the script here?

Scarlet fu?

Be careful what you wish for in chinese?

Do not put me on the spot like that.

[laughter] i would not get it either.

There is nothing the chinese can do about this situation right now.

They are sitting on what, one $.3 billion in treasuries?

They need the american economy to exceed -- succeed.

They are not ready to make their currency convertible.

A lot of this is bravado and schadenfreude.

Those confederate flags among those protesting in washington, it is almost that macarthur isolationism from another time and place.

How do you speak to the americans who genuinely believe we need to be more in sealer, more conservative?

You are exactly right.

A year ago when i wrote this book i was worried about the united states try to do too much , now i am worried that we are trying to do too little.

What you need our business leaders, political leaders, and educators standing up to say -- the world matters.

We cannot become a giant gated community.

What goes on out there affects what is happening here.

There is a parochialism in washington now.

Does congress understand that gekko if they did, we would not be having this conversation.

This is reckless and the responsible -- you're responsible.

-- reckless and irresponsible.

Our allies are doing that, the larger developed economies, it is not just like china, some

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