With More Data, Do We Need More Polls?

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Langer Research Associates Founder and President Gary Langer discusses the relevance of polling on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Algorithms and all the stuff on twitter and facebook and google.

It is almost as though rather than looking at the big picture of what americans say about the economy, we are almost try to segment people so we can sell ads to them.

What do you make about the tension between big holes and what is happening online.

It is challenging.

The insight of pioneers decades ago is that in the news is this, we cover what the old bill.

Can we not also cover what people think?

It is meaningful.

We care about it here it it is important.

In informs voters in all manner of reality in our society.

People across the country independently sponsored and think about and act on policies and preferences, it is fundamentally important.

Good research allows us to understand.

How much is quality?

The main change i have seen is that there are increasingly in -- additional alternative methodologies and approaches to understanding public opinion.

Right now, we swim in a sea of data that is not necessarily valid and reliable and the parts on the fundamental principles of research.

What are you doing differently now that you are not doing 10 years ago?

Our work has become more sophisticated because we are paying more for statistical and analytical techniques and for the developed understandings and information we learn from academics in the field about questionnaire designed, all the fundamentals that inform good analysis and good measurement.

The problem is because of internet polls and click ins and all the rest, that many people are conducting surveys without an understanding of the basics involved in good measure.

Who are they collecting it from?

I have never been polled.

Most people do not have a telephone anymore for home.

Telephone surveys are conducted as much on cell phone as on land line.

We have better coverage of the population because anyone with a landline or cell phone is covered.

You get nonparticipation but as long as that is random, it does not affect the quality of your estimate.

A bigger challenge is online opt in.

People who sign up on the internet and exchange for points redeemable for cash, and that produces a number of what a percentage sign.

The other big issue seems to be we have moved jan the headline whole issue.

Sasha eisenberg covered the last campaign and rates we may be covering the horse race with more airtime than ever before but we are looking for though -- long -- wrong side of the track.

-- the idea of saying "obama has 49% and mccain has 37%" that is no longer relevant.

We cover the election and the campaign.

The campaign is about who wins and how you get ahead.

That is all they care about.

That is all the reporters who travel care about.

The election is about a broader issue of the company coming together every two years in midterms to figure out where we want to go and how we want to get there.

That is a more important fundamental discussion that happens and we measure that in public polling.

How they assessed the candidates.

What they want to see and how they want to get there.

That is the true value far above and beyond the horse race.

We will talk more about polls when we come back here it we will talk about what everyone was doing website in my house and adam's. we were watching football.

The championship game last night.

Up 21-three at one point.

Florida state came back to win with 14 seconds.

This has to be the third game decided in the last 50 seconds.

Anyone who says live sports is not worth all that money, it is weird people were at the edge of their seats.

You have got to watch it live.

When he crossed the 50 yard line, the pollster called your house.

It is worth that much to cable subscribers.

When this is what you deliver, all week long, this is what you

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