Will U.S. Send Army Brigade Back to Europe?

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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath and Bloomberg’s Tim Cook discuss the U.S. army’s presence in Europe on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


That would be a significant deal.

That would be huge.

I want to bring in richard falkenrath.

He is our bloomberg contributing editor.

What about that option of sending a permanent u.s. army brigade back to europe?

It suggests that military escalation in this diplomatic crisis -- my personal opinion is rather ill advised.

There's no one in their right mind that wants to engage russia militarily over what's happening in crimea.

If there is to be a solution here, it strikes me as more likely going to be a diplomatic and possibly economic one.

Did we miss judge putin?

Without a doubt.

We really misunderstood and have not been listening to the russian president and his cohort for the last 5-6 years.

He has been fairly transparent in his view.

He is not going to permit ukraine to fall into the western sphere of influence.

The u.s. and many others don't like that he still thinks about the world that way.

But he does.

We have a comment from hillary clinton where she made some comments about how the u.s. has dealt with russia.

I want to play that for both of you.

Vladimir putin is motivated by the past.

He wants to re-create it and reclaim it.

He wants to restore what he views as the proper place of russia in the world order.

That sounds like what you just said.

Why would the white house not be more prepared?

It was distracted by other things.

They are not vital national interests.

The obama administration is domestically focused and pulling back from international engagement.

A lot of things have happened that have taken us by surprise.

Clinton gets it right.

He is a 19th century -- who knows what he really wants.

If that is who he is.

A person who believes in power and someone who has made it real clear, he will not tolerate the expansion of the european union and nato into the ukraine.

He is pretty blunt about it.

It in my conversation with hagel, asked him, did president obama misjudged vladimir putin?

He said, no.

He makes the case that they saw what happened in 2008 with georgia.

This may not have been what they expected.

They know what vladimir putin is up to.

The move into -- he makes the case it is not an escalation but nato acting defensively.

No doubt that putin will take it is escalation.

They have eastern european partners.

They are moving u.s. navy warships back into the black sea.

This is a provocative move, no doubt.

But one that would be defensive in nature.

This makes the case for the u.s. to not cut back on military spending.

We are cutting back for domestic reasons.

Because we have a profound fiscal imbalance in the country.

The world has not gotten any safer.

We have a really difficult budget problem.

We are overextended in a number of ways.

If we wanted to get into a military competition with russia over ukraine, it would make no

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