Will Telecom Mergers Affect Paid TV and Wireless?

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May 1 (Bloomberg) -- Standard & Poor’s Consumer Cyclical Analyst Tuna Amobi examines the mega telecom merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. He speaks with Trish Regan, Jeff McCracken, and Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What did he have to say about potentially running the t-mobile merger?

Kudos to the team for breaking the story and also breaking the scoop john leger is a leading cavender asked canada to run up potential merger.

I love interviewing john because he never minces words.

Always provocative.

Any other ceo might not have done the interview at all after we broke the story but he came out swinging, not just on television.

The leading candidate to run the combined company.

He tweeted back at me, "am i? :)? consolidation is one path forward or this company.

I will not comment on any individual talks that may or may not go on.

With the approach we have and the options we have, consolidation is one good option.

Our shareholders and owners would consider any opportunity.

I am not privy to any of what you learned there.

The individual speculation about me, you know my own opinion of myself.

It will be easy for me to comment on that.

He thinks pretty highly of himself.

When i asked him a couple months back, what if dan has he become ceo?

He said that would be like reading cory johnson in charge of bloomberg "west" and no one would ever do that, right?

What do you think about the potential for this to go through ? one of the more unusual situations in that 30 billion dollar megamergers are not usually this will telegraphed.

He has been in big meetings with regulators.

He got pushed back regulators weeks ago.

The timeframe is june or july when you would get a deal announced.

Really not trying to hide the deal from anybody.

Isn't he going to change the pricing by being so public about it?

His view is he wants the regulators to know he is coming, and he wants them to know here is the proposal i will make him and be prepared and be ready, and i dare you to block me.

That's quite a character.

Do you think regulators would be ok with this?

I think it will be a tough sell for regulators.

More important theme is what this means for pay tv and wireless and skate.

I think it is all about the race to offer consumer integrated bundle services.

You can make the case that a combined t-mobile and sprint will be a much more level competitive playing field with verizon and at&t. so i would agree that consolidation is the main driving theme right now.

I know you spoke to him about his lands for the company, what he would do differently if he was running sprint.

Tell us what he said?

On twitter he has bashed all of these guys.

At&t and verizon and even sprint.

He says sprint is frucked up.

I asked him what sets him apart?

What he would do differently if he was running sprint.

Take a listen.

Social media is nothing more than another way of touching individual customers, listening to them.

The difference with me is i listen to them and then i walk in and use that as the strategic input for how i run my company.

It is not mckinsey, bain but individual customers on twitter telling me what to do, creating the next phase.

I would do that in any of these big companies.

Wrinkly, i just do not know if the companies are ready to change.

-- frankly.

Like even that sprint is ready for it, who knows what regulators will say.

The argument has been they need for competitors, four players for there to be real competition.

T-mobile says if you combine the underdogs, you have three real competitors rather than a doo-wop list and underdogs.

Talking about another deal in the making.

Rumors at&t is approaching directv.

What with that gain for them?

We reported weeks ago that dished and directv have had merger talks.

I think it is inevitable in the next 12 months you will see dish and directv.

You will see a merger between one of those three.

Broadly speaking telecom and satellite companies are coming into the same playing field.

What will that mean for the consumer?

For the consumer am i think such a merger is questionable in the sense that you have more choices that is better than less.

More importantly, for investors, a very important aspect, we upgraded directv today rummel hold to abide.

-- from a hold to a buy.

We believe it makes the potential margin -- merger to be more plausible.

I would think there would be other candidates out there that would say being the sole audio provider as directv is, granted it is doing exceedingly well, we think the future is wireless broadband.

Reading all of that together.

-- putting all of that together.

You said we will probably see more rumblings.

Is this something specific to the media sector or merger and acquisitions development?

It is really like the dam is broke.

Merck looking to do deals and pfizer and astrazeneca.

Confidence out there?

Behalf of ceos willing to make the acquisitions.

Cash has been on the balance sheet for a long time.

Investors have been rewarding deals for a long time.

Seems like at the board level they're willing to go forward.

Game changing let's double the size of my company type deals.

A big deal.

Sticking with me.

Tank you for being here.

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