Will Retail Be Jolly This Holiday Season?

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Gilbert Harrison, chairman & founder at Financo, talks with Tom Keene about expectations for the upcoming holiday shopping season and how the approach to the season has changes through the years. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Buy the gloom.

Retailers are scared.

Every day you get a new score -- store opening on thanksgiving day, which is unheard of before.

I was on the eighth floor of saks fifth avenue this weekend.

Total mob scene.

How can you say retailers are scared if i am seeing thousands of shoes just booming?

Their shoes floor is unique.

In addition, all it has gotten cold.

We are into november and the temperature has been 60-70 degrees every day the consumers are not buying the booth and other things.

What is the trend of the holiday season now?

We go in with the coupons in cards in january.

What is the new cycle of cash generation?

Certainly much earlier.

Buying through e-commerce, you want it as soon as possible.

Every company will fedex it to- three days before.

Are you going to have the ability to get it out?

One difference this year is that hanukkah falls earlier in starting thanksgiving so you have the different timeframe when the lot of her choices are made earlier.

Lex if we were to parachute to nordstrom's or macy's, what is the biggest headache?

What is the biggest worry right now.

The psyche.

There are a lot of people out of work.

A lot of people do not understand what the economy is doing, what the government is doing.

Lex ro -- are we over retailed?

The consolidation has continued for years and will continue on.

This is good and bad for the consumer.

They can share production and get the product to the consumer cheaper than before.

What joseph frank, when he proposed a merger with men's wearhouse summit it was interesting.

Best deal ever in 30 years doing.

We will come back and talk about this in a minute with gilbert harrison.

A conversation with richard lee.


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