Will Occulus Rift's Headset Change Everything?

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nick Thompson discusses products from the Consumer Electronics Show on Bloomberg Television’s "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


We hadave a picture of you, what is this?

This is one of the things that has been betting that getting the most attention.

If you put on the glasses, and you are suddenly inside a virtual world.

You can turn around with the world ships with you, you look down at your feet, the world ships with you.

There are a lot of lay-up location, but it is great for lots of other things.

For military training, reducing medical applications.

Virtual reality is this something that people of the talked about for 20 years.

It has never worked, because the chips have not been taxed enough -- fast enough.

The ocular rest, almost relate -- rift, almost actually worked.

Someone took a photo.

Is it heavy?

That was one of the problems of the early virtual reality systems, but this one was not.

I was not a very good video gamer, but i'm enjoying the world in which i'm testing it out.

Drones are a big topic the better watch.

People are buying them for recreational use, and farmers are using them in their own business.

What is this?

A french company with a cool drawing demonstration that had a lot of people.

They have iphone controlled mini drones.

They turned on subject so -- tec chno music and had them dance around.

How do i know some drone is not going to be about my house spying on me?

You do not know that.

There were multiple demonstrations where they had cameras inside the drones.

People want them on the drones for valuable purposes, like checking on your crops.

It is great to let you know if you need to water somewhere.

And spying on your neighbor?

That is a little scary.

You also got it just to test -- got a chance to test drive the new bmw?

It is possibly the worst place to do a test run, because you're going through ces traffic.

It is pretty impressive, bmw is making a big deal about it.

They are very excited about the carbon fiber frame, the relatively light car.

It is a one pedal drive, you let your foot off the gas.

This is presumably cheaper?

It is about $40,000 before tax credits but which will drop down what the pending under state -- a bunch depending on your state.

Thank you.

Time for the global outlook,

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