Why the NSA May Be Watching Paltalk

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Paltalk COO and President Wilson Kriegel discusses the company's growth and the NSA leaker Ed Snowden's mention of the company with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West" (Source: Bloomberg)

The company's c e " is with me now.

Were you surprised when you saw this information, the suggestion that you were cooperating with the end as a? yes, we were.

We actually go through the extra length to secure our privacy and information.

What is it that the nsa wants with your information?

I have no idea.

We are a group video chat platform.

The primary exchange our people interacting with and chat rooms and video.

If any inbound increase takes place, it goes through us first.

Presumably, you have been contacted for little things.

When you get a subpoena or something, you respond.

Has that happened?

I have been here for just seven months.

It has not happened as far as i know since i have been here.

So you have not had a single subpoena in the seven months that you have been there?

To my knowledge, no.

My primary focus is how we are moving forward and leveraging our technology and patents to take the company to its next opportunities, so i have not been actively involved with the law firm.

Let's talk about that.

Where is your footprint, how is your business different to someone similar to yours?

There are not that many similar.

You have another communication tools like sy kype, tango.

What we have that differentiates us is the ability to support a limited number of corporate broadcasts within a single environment.

There was a suggestion that you had a particularly strong business in the middle east, and that was one of the reasons why prism was so interested in information you had.

Is that an error that has had a lot of success?

If you think of any large global conglomerate, facebook, twitter, skype, we all have global footprints.

It happens in the oil-rich countries of the middle east, we have a strong paying consumer base, but the majority of our users are english-speaking, european, and to rub the world.

Tell me about your revenue streams.

We have a subscription model, which is alive and well.

We have virtual currency, like you would have seemed at zynga and other providers.

And we have advertisements.

Has the explosion of mobile helped to in terms of growing the business?

I wonder, as you push into mobile, where are the opportunities, and how does that change the business?

We have a client like skype, and we need to move into a browser environment to widen our product.

Second, we are starting to invent content into the platform.

If you think about link in, you to come in twitter, what tis people together is not whether or not they know each other, but the association's they can have around different content and interests.

The third thing is, we need to be across multiple environments.

Whether people are on their phone, tablet, or pc, they need to be able to communicate across all of them.

In terms of environment, are you looking at the android, apple?

Today, we just released our tablet app.

We have both a free and paid version.

Many iterations on those products to come.

Everyone knows that android is caught up in unit sales.

They have a huge international footprint.

At the same time, we are also on ios.

We released on both platforms at once.

We will be on the candle by next week.

It is all about scale.

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