Why Synchronoss Is Betting Big on the Cloud

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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) –- Synchronoss Founder, Chairman and CEO Stephen Waldis discusses storing user data and making it portable across devices in the cloud. He speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


That is right.

We became famous around the u.s. when everyone purchased their first iphone.

You also -- you store, in the cloud, all of the users data for a variety of customers.

We started activating devices years ago.

As important as the device now is the content of the device.

We backup and store all of that information and make it available to you across multiple devices and multiple opportunities.

The nsa should be calling you then?

[laughter] what is the next step for your company?

We are talking about connecting people to our devices.

What is your role?

A role is an important bridge between customers buying the device and personalized content between family share plans -- if you look at some of our newer offers, where we are integrating the home, the connected cars -- what consumers want is the ability to store information, make it contextual --/ you are in your car, but you can talk to your home, devices in your office, or what not.

A five screen world.

That is why a lot of people are coming down with add probably.

[laughter] we provide an backup and store all of that information.

If that consumer decides to make a purchasing decision for a new device or move to a new operating plan or system, we have the data and we make it portable across devices.

If you have an android and i have an ios, we can share information across the cloud.

It is a very interesting business and you are such a key part of that, especially for other companies that are trying to go more and more global.

Starbucks, mcdonald's, facebook.

Disney made some comments about going mobile.

We have seen, mostly because of the development of the smart mobile devices, phones and tablets, a huge increase in mobile, in that space -- a tremendous increase.

It is for the games market is today, as far as we're concerned.

We have shifted our strategy dramatically.

How would you help iger in this endeavor?

The amount of content that consumers are storing, we see a lot of industries and trends.

We have 9 million customers in the u.s. a day sink some sort of data -- sync some sort of data.

The laptop is now your cell phone.

That gigabyte or small portion of data has almost doubled in a year and a half.

Photos, user generated video -- it is becoming a portable laptop and the portable laptop should be a will to stream content, video, and all types of messaging.

This works for all companies?


The platform walks across all major operating platforms.

It allows the consumer to pick the best device come the best up of content they want to store, and synchronoss bolted altogether for them.

Coming up, #selloff -- what

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