Why Is William Shatner Doing a Reality Show?

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April 11 (Bloomberg) -- Actor William Shatner discusses his career and new ventures with the DIY Network on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Showtoetry is very imaginative.

There is nothing like it out there.

I read words, you the owner of the app choose the words, choose the delivery and then you can send it as a message that you want to send but with my voice.

Throw out a few at us.


I can do the voice, maybe.

Throw a few words out.

Your voice is too deep and around and volume in us.

-- you have to go through your nose.

I can wiggle my nose . now you've got it.

Turn to your left and say i love you through your nose.

I think she will slap me.

There is something about your character from even before star trek days but this whole reality thing is interesting.

You bring out this comedy and it works and connect with people.

Do you have a sense of what that is so you can re-create that in your different roles?

No, do i have a sensibility about what i do?

Yes and no.

An actor should be both conscious and unconscious of it.

Aware but unaware but if you are too aware, you are self-conscious and of you don't know what you are doing, it's happenstance.

You work on multiple levels.

Why this reality show and why now?

It's really interesting.

They came to me and asked me to update my house.

Much to my chagrin, the house needed updating.

It was like a wish fulfillment.

My wife said we need new appliances and i said we will get the appliances.

She said i wanted to break this wall down.

All of a sudden, there is diy saying we will do all of this for you and put it on camera.

And they did and it's fantastic.

The result is every homeowners dream.

They say ok, done.

Somebody else gets it and puts it in and makes it work and somebody else cleans it up.

It's wish fulfillment, really.

That is the show titled " shatner project" and that will be on in october.

Plus, there's something more relevant and more progressive than that.

On april 24, at a movie theater in your neighborhood and wherever that neighborhood is across the country, this one-man show that i did on roadway where i toured canada and most of the united states is on movie theaters.

On april 24 at 7:00 at a movie theater near you, for the price of a movie ticket, you can see this acclaimed one-man show.

If you can find how to buy tickets at the theater near you, you can go to shatner's world.cimema, the websites will let you know how to buy a ticket in your neighborhood.

It's really worthwhile and you will have a great evening's entertainment.

The world of apps and websites and smartphones -- "bloomberg west" is all about technology and business and i suppose you have given a lot of thought to this because of what star trek" step -- touched a nerve with so many people and it has been almost 50 years.

Why do you think people love technology so much why do they see the future in gadget so much that's a fascinating subject to which i am applying myself.

The moment before i came here, i was arranging something and the moment i leave here i am arranging something.

I stumbled over the words app and website.

In a business venture i am starting the results of which will be out to the end of the year, an app that ties to a website that feeds you pictorial and verbal information so that all those separate applications combine.

There's this whole technology.

When bloomberg began was right spanking new ideas.

It is -- it has now matured and you guys are progressing.

There is so much more out there.

I sat at a table last week with three kids who were popular on i hadn't doing a lot of tweaking.

-- tweaking.

These kids were the most popular people for their six seconds of communication on vibe.

They did not know who i wasn't and i did not know they were.

There is such a turmoil going on in this industry, and this communication.

There is such a burgeoning thing going on that we are barely able to see the horizon.

You are big on twitter and you recently quit titter and came back u andnquit.

What happened there?

I came back so i could tell my twitter audience that april 24 is an important date.

There was a terrible mixup and the story is to disorganized to tell you except that i quit and then came back on within moments of it and i got away from me.

I never intended to quit.

It's too important.

Last question -- of all the roles you have played, what is your favorite?

[laughter] that's not a progressive question.

That's an old question.

Talking to you -- how's this?

Talking to you this morning is my favorite moment of the day.

Oh, that's wonderful, thank you.

And the day is not over.

Turn to your left and say i love you through your nose.

He is trying to get us to do that.

Are you ready?

Legendary actor, william shatner, thank you so much for joining us.

Coming up, we will talk about

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