Why Gold Prices May Be Poised to Go Higher

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Pension Partners' Michael Gayed discusses why he's investing in gold. He speaks with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

You for being with us.

Gold historically is a bet on negative real rates.

Where you have a junction where interest rate is higher than.

Bernanke is warning that there are tighter financial condition because of this yield spike here that tells you we are not quite there.

Gold has been sold off aggressively alongside other reflation trades.

Because it has not been there.

Pce core inflation is half of one percent.

I think they will keep on trying.

If you do not succeed, qe and qe again.

You have this unusual disconnect between expectations and inflation.

Basically nobody anticipates inflation in the future.

Post 2008, the u.s. stock market and inflation have been moving together.

Except for this year, you have a massive spread differential.

No inflation but the markets are on a tear.

You have the u.s. market pricing in reflation, which simply does not exist.

What will be the catalyst, what turns this?

It may be the renewed interest in the berks -- brics.

The fed probably has to do with abe in japan is doing, cost-push inflation.

If china starts to pick up, commodity demand picks up.

It may be out of the fed's hands at this point.

Where does gold go from here?

Gold has been underinvested, divested.

All of these are overreactions.

If the fed is going to keep us longer in the game than we all think, and i think bernanke should have one his role -- won an award for his role in tapering.

We have your patented ratios coming up.

We will talk about inflation and

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