Who Will Make Microsoft's CEO Candidates List?

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- BGC Partners Senior Technology Analyst Colin Gillis discusses the search for a new Microsoft CEO on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "bloomberg west." microsoft only wrote down its potential ceos.

The goal, trimmed the list to three to five candidates and hope they have the right person picked by next month.

For more on the search, i want to bring in:. he is an analyst at bg partners.

Will a new ceo make you take that off the shares?

We have to see who we get.

That is step one.

Let's look at this from the boards angle.

Microsoft's fiscal year ends in june.

They want to get someone in who will get their first 100 days under their belt and begin to execute before the fiscal year.

That means that you probably have to have someone mind up around the beginning of the new year.

There have been reports that there have been a list of five candidates that they're looking at.

They're going through the vetting process right now.


It depends on the name.

Who could they name that would make you change it to a strong cell?

There is a combination of factors here.

You have to say, who could they name?

How they execute on their plan, right?

It does not mean that the change will come instantaneously.

I like stephen elop.

The candidates who are out there it -- people talk about alan mulally and internal candidates.

Elop is the combination of insider.

He ran the get.

-- he ran nokia.

Microsoft has got to get in the smart phone and tablet marketplace.

If you bring elop in, he knows nokia.

He will be the champion for nokia.

To rub up and make that work.

Not turning around nokia when he was brought in to do exactly that.

You could make that argument, but i do not think that is fair.

It was very troubled.

He reduced costs.

He made the decision to go with microsoft.

He got a decent exit from the company.

You are left with the networking piece.

He did not just dismantle the company.

There is a viable nokia.

Now microsoft has the handset business.

From that angle, he did achieve some reasonable goals.

He lowered the price for microsoft.

What would have happened to nokia anyway?

They clearly were going to have issues.

They were losing market share, right?

It clearly was not.

I wonder.

I do not know what the right answer was.

That is it.

Let's look at the other side of it.

If microsoft forced to name me as ceo, there is your strong cell.

Who else?

If you pick an internal candidate, guys like kevin turner or even tony bates -- tony does not have enough heft to run such a large organization.

They are trying to make real change.

You do not want to necessarily go the insight around.

If you are trying to change the culture around and to improve the pace at which microsoft moves, you most likely need an external candidate.

Alan mulally's name has been out there.

Does the name interest you?

He has no tech experience.

That is right.

That would be one of those things where they have worse choices.

He has had a long and distinguished career.

The whole reorganization is based around his ideas.

If you look at what he did with ford, he divested.

He got rid of jaguar and aston martin.

He dissolved their stake.

He increased the core focus.

He has also been an executive for quite some time.

He is in his late 60s. he is 11 years older than steve ballmer.

He does not have tech experience.

Really quick, shareholder meeting with microsoft tomorrow.

Very important, completely meaningless?


I do not think we will get a lot out of it.

Who is going to be the next ceo.

What path of going to go down?

Are they going to spin off xbox?

Are they going to break the company up?

Are they going to do nothing and stay the course?

Try to improve the product cycle.

Whoever the next ceo is, that is the critical question.

Then we will see the direction of the company.

Colin, thank you so much.

We will have more "bloomberg west" after the break.

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