Who Will Lead the Republican Party in 2016?

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Dan DiSalvo discusses the future of the Republican Party with Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Those we were entrusted to serve.

I know our citizens deserve better.

Much better.

He is thought to be an obvious choice for the 2016 presidential ticket but bridge gate makes the future of the republican party uncertain.

We are joined by daniel desalvo, a senior fellow at the manhattan institute.

It's not that we didn't all know he was a rough-and-tumble kind of new jersey guy.

But he is punishing his own constituents to take out a political vendetta, people don't like that.

Clearly not.

It has created a real problem for christie and brings to question his ability to manage an important state.

I get excited when i hear there are investigations and we will find out details.

He claims no knowledge of anything having to do with ordering more traffic.

If anyone normal looks at the facts, it appears there must've been a plan set up that his deputy put into place.

To speculate about what he knew or didn't know, he probably had to give the same speech or press conference whether he knew or didn't know.

Now his enemy is new information emerging out of the subpoenas coming from federal prosecutors and inquiries by the state legislator.

A lot of people thought he was the best hopeful for 2016. has that changed?

I think it has changed a lot.

The scandal will continue to dog him as fax trickle out over time.

It is a scandal that can't be tied off quickly and will be a slow-moving thing over time.

We will talk about speaker boehner and the jay leno appearance.

A lot of folks in the republican party -- who do you think could be a good hopeful gek?

There is a choice between governors and senators.

As christy was the leader of governors with scott walker.

Both came to prominence battling

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