Who's Representing Unpaid College Athletes?

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Winston & Strawn LLP's Jeffrey Kessler discusses the firm's plan to start what it describes as the first college-focused division at a major law firm to represent players, coaches, schools and conferences with grievances against the National Collegiate Athletic Association. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

College focused vision that your firm.

You are going to be taking on the power of the ncaa.

Where are the most egregious abuses happening right now?

All over the place.

You can go into a room and take a vote among institutions, coaches and athletes, among other people who deal with the ncaa and say how many people like the way the ncaa is running today and you are not going to get a lot of hands raised.

It is a 107-year-old institution.

Does it need to be challenged by someone like you to make change happen?

It will be me.

We are looking for clients.

We will provide our clients with whatever legal means are necessary to make sure basic rights are respected.

Due process, equity, these are things everybody needs grade the colleges need it, coaches needed and the players certainly need area why now does the power of the ncaa to be broken?

It is a question of in the ncaa in the top world of men's football at the highest level, men's basketball, women's basketball.

Baseball, some other areas.

They are in the business of sports.

They are not in the academic business, they are in the commercial business.

You are saying everyone is on the same page, the ncaa included.

Now it's just a matter of formalizing what's happening question are the emperor has no clothes and everybody recognizes that.

It's time the ncaa conformed to the same rules that that -- that apply to the nfl and other sports businesses because they are in that category for some of what they do.

The ncaa has many pots, but in its professional hot, it needs to be subject to the same rules as everyone else.

What to you anticipate this means for the business community.

You start representing players as they come out of high school.

The other side of the table could be happy in theory.

Then the advertisers start moving to individuals more than schools or teams.

Let me be clear.

I'm not an agent.

I will be representing players coming out of high school.

What we are looking to do is make sure that people's rights are respected.

If you are taking advantage of someone's rights, they should be compensated.

A school should have fairness and due process.

You shouldn't be punishing that school like what happened in the case of an state, for example.

If a coach is being punished or deprived of his livelihood, he is entitled to fairness and equal rights.

Let's fast forward one year from now.

We are in a hypothetical land.

Johnnie football, how would his case be different if you started a year ago?

There are rights and remedies that can be available for athletes who feel like they are being mistreated, especially in the commercial area.

Who else should be giving you a call?

I think their are institutions out there not getting fair process.

I think there are coaches not getting a fair process.

There our many athletes who don't get treated fairly and there are entities like sponsors, stadiums, cities committed to policies, all of whom have to deal with this monolith at the ncaa.

Any clients calling you yet?

The phones are open, the e- mail works.

I've had some inquiries.

Great to see you.

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