Who'll Get Wall Street's Washington Money?

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hain Celestial Group CEO Irwin Simon and Bloomberg's Jonathan Allen discuss Wall Street's Washington money being up for grabs with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."(Source: Bloomberg)

There is all this money, effectively, sort of becoming available.

Who will go after it?

It is all open now.

If he wins that election, he has got -- the real person to watch is the chairman of financial services committee.

This is somebody who made a career on rhetoric about how he will eat up wall street.

Regulatory in a lot of ways, but his rhetoric is something that will scare people here.

It has already been something that has helped them raise money.

It is kind of a double-edged sword eared you want the money.

If you are a politician, you want the money.

At the same time, you are at risk of eating vilified i it or perceived, as eric cantor was, as out of touch and a shill for the big banks.

Class every politicians -- every politician wants the money.

You get asked to go to new york fundraisers all the time.

A jewish organization supports.

In -- he was out of touch with his constituency.

You will see a lot of money going toward kevin mccarthy.

It is amazing when you go back to look.

Contributions start to change already.

Cantor will do ok as he leaves.

Probably 10 companies around already that want to hire them.

It is great to get fired and it is great to you -- to lose.

Tax-writing chairman, he has a huge open to take some of that eric cantor money.

Class we may see him -- we

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